This is the ranting page, this is the place where I speak my mind about what pisses me off in today's world, in particular the downward spiral the internet has taken ever since people invaded it who were too stupid to even program their VCRs but bought a computer to let the world see they haven't become any smarter. If you feel offended by any of this, rest assured it's your problem and your problem alone.

I am the one, Orgasmatron, the outstretched grasping hand
My image is of agony, my servants rape the land
Obsequious and arrogant, clandestine and vain
Two thousand years of misery, of torture in my name
Hypocrisy made paramount, paranoia the law
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

(Motörhead, Orgasmatron)

One you hit the 100kB threshold for a page (and pretty much all of it text), the time has come to finally split things up. So this page now serves as just the index, the actual topics were moved to their own pages. Should make things easier to handle and also reduce network traffic.
I twist the truth, I rule the world, my crown is called deceit
I am the emperor of lies, you grovel at my feet
I rob you and I slaughter you, your downfall is my gain
And still you play the sycophant and revel in your pain
And all my promises are lies, all my love is hate
I am the politician, and I decide your fate.

(Motörhead, Orgasmatron)

Last updated: 9 Aug 2009.

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